Minecraft - Status Update

Hello, everyone
The long awaited wait for the Minecraft servers is upon us.
Later today we will officially be releasing SkyBlock & Factions servers.
Everything for these servers has been setup for the best performance & no errors. We plan to release more features to these servers and more servers as well such as Survival & Towny. Currently, the HUB server is accessible by connecting to mc.lyhme.net! Thank you all for your patience!

- MC Management Team

Minecraft - Status Update

Hello everyone,
we got some exciting news, our system server & hub server have been setup and are now live with corrected protections and internal safety systems. We also have a new Hub which is view-able in the image below. We also have the our SkyBlock in it’s final stages for completion. We plan to continue to bring updates and changelogs of our servers. Thank you for your patience.

- MC Management Team.

Minecraft - Status Update

Hello, everyone,
Recently there have been some major technical issues with our Minecraft dedicated server. However we are currently in the process of fixing the issues as fast as possible. Please bare with us until these fixes are announced. There is no estimated time on when the fixes will occur, but we believe it to be soon.

- MC Management Team.

SkyBlock Beta Release

Beta Release of our new SkyBlock system.

System Version: 1.0.3

Supported Minecraft Versions: [1.8.x] - [1.13.x]

Connection Address: mc.lyhme.net

Minecraft - Changelog 1.0.3

[Added] Whole new SkyBlock system.

[Added] Island Ranks & Levels.

[Added] Island Upgrades

[Added] BarGamble System

[Added] Votifer

[Added/Updated] GUI Shop & Spawners.

[Added] Trading

[Added] Auctions

[Updated] Protocol Support [1.8.8] <> [1.13.2]

[Updated] Anti-Cheat system

Minecraft - Changelog 1.0.2

[Updated] Ore Generator Rates

Original Rate: 5.0 | New Rate: 10.0

[Upcoming] Custom & Donor Islands.